Thursday Handicap Singles – 4/18/19

You versus the course, versus the field, handicap style~~!

Thursday Handicap Singles

Dates: Thursday April 18th-Thursday September 19th (that will be 22 weeks, minus July 4th, we will not have league) 11 weeks at East, 11 weeks at West; alternating

Meet in the pavilion between East and West (as long as there is nothing else going on, if the pavillion is full, we still meet in that lot.

Times: 4:45-5:15 for sign ups, with 5:30 tee off (PROMPT); the times will change once it is light later, so please pay attention to announcements.

Cost: $7.00 to play ($5 to payout, $1 league fee/$1 end of year points purse)...
Optional $1.00 ace pool, carries over every week, pays out 2/3 (so there is always something in the pot).
$2.00 50/50 weekly CTP (half to player, half to Clay Classic)

Competitive Tags will always be welcomed and moved based on scratch score for the night, not handicap.

This is a handicap league, so it is only you, against the course. If you have no established handicap, your 1st week will be scratch score against any other new players and your $5 to payout will go into that side pot.

Any questions, ask...if not, see you in a few weeks!