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What is CNYDGA?

The Central New York Disc Golf Association represents the best parts of playing our sport locally. We run tournaments, organize leagues, create memories, build friendships and spark competition. Being a member means you support the growth of our sport. It means becoming a contributing factor in our community. It means ensuring that the future of disc golf in CNY will be better than the present.

2021 CNYDGA Membership

Welcome to the 2021 membership page. The Central New York Disc Golf Association was founded in 1988 and is all about sharing our members’ love of disc golf. From exploring ways to improve our events, leagues and courses, our goal is to continue building our community. In 2021, the club is focusing on raising funds to replace the baskets at Oxbow as well as install tee pads at Van Buren. When you create a sense of unity with specific goals and great members, all things are possible! We hope to welcome back many of you from recent years as well as bring new members into the fold! The club board has high hopes for 2021!

Our 2021 Member Options

This year, we are offering two membership options: returning members and new members/past members prior to 2020. Essentially, both memberships are the same in terms of being a CNYDGA member and getting the benefits that come with it. The difference is in the membership pack. Returning members will get a custom-stamped CNYDGA whale sac, a 2021 membership pin and two CNYDGA pencils. New members will receive the CNYDGA lifetime member bag tag that all 2020 members received last year, as well as the 2021 pin, two pencils and a CNYDGA keychain carabiner. A whale sac can be purchased for an extra $10.
You do not need to submit your Membership Payment to get signed up. The club will reach back out to you by how you selected to make payment.

Get Involved, Make a Difference!

As Members, we are always looking to find new people to get involved in running events, leagues, tournaments, or even lend a hand on some background items, like the website and course maintenance. Many hands make light work