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What is CNYDGA?

The Central New York Disc Golf Association represents the best parts of playing our sport locally. We run tournaments, organize leagues, create memories, build friendships and spark competition. Being a member means you support the growth of our sport. It means becoming a contributing factor in our community. It means ensuring that the future of disc golf in CNY will be better than the present.

CNYDGA Mission

It is the mission of the Central New York Disc Golf Association to help grow the sport of disc golf in the greater Central New York area, by way of:

(a) Developing and maintaining challenging and safe disc golf courses that are appropriate to players of all skill levels

(b) Fostering a closer bond among the members for their joint and mutual benefit through the promotion of organized events

(c) Establishing positive relationships with nonplayers and the general community by maintaining high standards of course etiquette, safety and good sportsmanship

2022 CNYDGA Board of Directors Positions

The Central New York Disc Golf Club is looking for those individuals who are interested in making a difference for disc golf in the CNY. The CNYDGA Board of Directors is made up of 5 Board Member positions: Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Communications Director/Secretary, Treasurer, and Course Superintendent. Open Board positions are for a 2-year term. This years open term positions are Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Communications Director/Secretary. This year we are also in need to fill the Treasurer and Course Superintendent positions. These positions would be for a 1-year term as these positions are coming open mid-term. If you are interested in getting involved and helping grow the sport of disc golf here locally, read through the Board Positions, and click I am Interested to nominate yourself! Good Luck!

Get Involved, Make a Difference!

As Members, we are always looking to find new people to get involved in running events, leagues, tournaments, or even lend a hand on some background items, like the website and course maintenance. Many hands make light work