ADD ON OPTION (for Local players ONLY): 50 Available
Cost: $10
-Custom 2019 CNYDGA Competition Bag Tag
-Cost Breakdown- $3 Cost of custom tag. $1 Club fee. $6 to end of year payout for the Top 10 tag finishers. Which means a potential $300 pot to be split between the top 10. There will be rules to the bag tag challenge and they will be released in the coming weeks and will be consistent with the way other area clubs run their tag challenges. This is in an effort to keep high tags local and give some incentive to spark friendly competition, with a payout at the end of the season. Dates of the tag season will be included with the rules release and will run consistent with the Thursday league schedule; April-September
-You can purchase this option WITHOUT buying a 2019 CNYDGA Member Pack