Monday Night 2021 Van Buren BYOP Doubles

Who wants tee pads at Van Buren? I think I may have heard one or two of you mention it in passing. Here's your chance to help speed things along.

Starting Monday, May 3rd I will be hosting a fundraising league, at, you guessed it, Van Buren. The format will be bring your own partner, best shot dubs (I'm not messing around with random draw, it's a pain in the butt, takes too long to get going, and I don't care for the format to begin with, so it's on you to find your teammate). Your buy in will be 50% to tee pads and 50% to cash payout. $20 per team per week (10 bucks a person, pretty standard). I'm keeping this super simple and super casual, this is not about personal glory and riches, it's about tee pads. I will be splitting up into two divisions. The "I'm new at this, please go easy on me" division and the "you've been playing long enough, it's not my fault you can't putt" division. Your placement will be arbitrarily decided by me. I've been around this scene for a LONG time, I know who belongs where and if I don't know you that means you're a newbie (welcome to the circus BTW). You don't need to show up every week and you don't need to keep the same partner every week. You can mix and match any way you please. I'm not keeping any running tallies or statistics, every week is standalone. I just collect money, we play, I payout, and give the tee pad money to the CNYDGA, that's it. This league will run every Monday through Labor Day, and there will in all likelihood be a party as a thank you for everyone who helps us get these pads in the ground.

I am going to ask that everyone be wearing masks during sign in and payout, and try your best not to get too clustered together. I know we're all sick of it, but it's almost over, let's just power through for a little while longer.

So mark your calendars, and find yourself a partner. Let's finally get this course finished. See y'all in a month.