Wednesday A/B/C Singles

Introducing Wednesday Night Singles

CNYDGA's 2021 Wednesday night traveling singles league

Introducing Wednesday Night Singles

CNYDGA's Wednesday night league is a traveling singles league!

Starting next week, we'll host pool play singles (A/B/C) at one of our courses. The courses that will be played are: Clay West, Clay East, Van Buren, Jamesville, Oxbow, Emerson and Sullivan.
Starting in April and running to September, this league will is run by Stephen Bailey, with some additional support from other players.

Our first round will be held next Wednesday (4/7) at Van Buren. The details:

When: Wednesdays, 5-5:30 rolling start (play with who you arrive with, groups of four max, hard stop at 5:30)
Where: Clay, Oxbow, Van Buren, Jamesville, Emerson, Sullivan
Who: Anyone! You don't need to be a CNYDGA member to join and you'll be competing against players of your own skill level. Each pool will be paid out separately. The league director will build the pools and players can be promoted/relegated week-to-week depending on their performance.
Typically, the winner of a pool each week will move up the next week and the last-place finisher will move down. Hopefully, this creates some competitive balance and a chance for everyone to win money as well as play with a variety of people.

How much? $10 -- $7 to payout, $1 ace pot, $1 CTP, $1 to club fund

We ask that all participants socially distance on the course and not congregate in the parking lot before or after league. One member of each card will keep score, either virtually or on paper. At the end of the round either hand in your paper card, or send a photo of the virtual card to league director.
Payouts will be distributed at the end of the round in the parking lot area.